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We are a textile company, located in the north of Portugal, responsible for the import and export of all types of products. We work with synthetic and organic fabrics, betting on more innovative and sustainable measures. We increasingly try to increase our competitiveness, thus valuing our performance and product quality.

Our strong implementation in the market gives us the flexibility and means to guarantee our customers the quality and efficiency required in today's increasingly global trade. This is the primary objective of our existence.

- Artur Cortinhas


We manufacture all kinds of pieces - from t-shirts, hoddies and pants - to accessories, like socks and towels. For the production of the pieces, we work with both synthetic and organic fabrics. We increasingly pay attention to environmental problems, betting on more sustainable measures, which guarantee an improvement in product quality and a minor impact.

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Synthetic Products

Some samples of the products we design and produce in our company

Mens´s T-Shirt
Lady´s T-Shirt
Women's Hooded Jacket

Mens´s Hooded Jacket
Men's Polo Shirt
Sweatshirt unisex

Lady's jacket
Unisex Sport Sweat
Reggae Polo Shirt


Recycled polyester yarn is a new product made from waste plastic bottles. It is in vogue in developed countries of Europe and America, being used in several textile products, with the peculiarity of being antibacterial. It is a complex recycling process, but it saves almost 80% of the conventional traditional polyester fiber production process and is more environmentally friendly due to low carbon dioxide emissions.

A smart and environmental bet from Aurex.


A wide range of colors.
Possibility of customization in the pantones.

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Aurex - têxteis Lda.


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V. N. Famalicão


Phone: +351 252 990 390

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OEKO-TEXT  Standard 100
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